Hot Flash begins to get bothered

I recently attended a dinner, a lecture and a poster making workshop with artist Franke James. Franke speaks well on how a adverse event can be used to inspire and direct art. And, in this case, activism. Franke’s concerns about Canada’s environment landed her on Harper’s list of people to keep an eye on. Now Franke’s eye is on Harper.

Franke’s poster workshop inspires the continuing growth of Hot Flash Woman’s passion to smite the oppression of women and children. Hot Flash’s confusion on how to do that is diminishing.

scan0005scan0006scan0007scan0008(ps. Franke looks a lot different in real life, in fact, much nicer. and there is nothing wrong with her knees)

Hot Flash finds Posters

The summer is over as far as time away from the desk goes. Hot Flash, Steamy, Hubby and I have all had a good break. Today’s post went up without the usual hitches. Normally, I can an hours knitting while I wait for scanners and uploads and all the rest. I will take this as a good omen. I hope you are all rested as well and ready to enjoy my mad little woman some more.       Laureen